Miroslav Foltýn

About Me

Not accepting new projects right now.

I am front-end focused web application developer with experience in React, Vue 2.x and Angular that aims to create performant and usable interfaces.

I have also done more generic website development, for a number of clients, ranging from preparing static front-end templates (eg.: baseline for main site of the Czech Pirate Party) to full-fledged websites (eg.: TCC Sport Services). When doing so, I tend to stick with modern methodologies, such as BEM & atomic CSS, do my automation with Gulp and/or Webpack and setup user facing administration with ProcessWire CMS.

I got my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Palacky University Olomouc, where I am also pursuing my Master’s.

You can find some of my code samples on Github.

I also enjoy playing tennis and reading in my spare time.


2021/06 — now: Javascript Engineer at Infinum


2020/092021/06: Full-Time Front-end developer at Intelligent Studios

Working mostly on Angular frontend as a part of a team. Here and there paying a visit to .NET backend.

2020/052020/08: Google Summer of Code 2020

Successfuly finished Extending the Grafana Integration of Performance Co-Pilot project with Performance Co-Pilot. Detailed project summary. Wonderful experience cooperating with Andreas Gerstmayr and Nathan Scott, can recommend to anyone. Most of my time was spend in C and React with Typescript.

2020/032020/05: Part-Time Front-end developer at Intelligent Studios

First time working on a project from within a team for as well as first hands-on experience with Angular >2.x, quite enjoyable.

2019/052019/08: Google Summer of Code 2019

First time participation in GSoC with PCP PMDA Agent for StatsD in C project as well as a larger open-source contribution. Big thanks to Lukáš Zapletal and Nathan Scott for mentoring me during the summer. Improved my C and debugging skills.

2018/092020/03: Part-Time Web developer at Computer Center of Palacky University

Modernized Helpdesk application, developed University’s Bulletin Board application (C# WebAPI, VueJS). First time I came to face with how projects are led within a larger organization.

2015/06 — now: Freelancing

Either creating HTML/CSS/JS templates as an external contractor or making full-on websites for clients.

Contact Info

E-mail: email@miroslavfoltyn.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/miroslav-foltyn
GitHub: github.com/Erbenos